Merri Kelly Hannity: Bio, Sean Hannity’s Daughter,&Many More

Being born into the limelight as the child of renowned figures like political commentator Sean Hannity and journalist Jill Rhodes inevitably casts one into the public eye from an early age. Merri Kelly Hannity’s upbringing exemplifies this reality, where privacy becomes a luxury amidst the constant scrutiny of the media. However, rather than succumbing to the pressures of celebrity status, Merri has embraced a path of her own, steering clear of the tumultuous world of commentary and instead channeling her focus and determination into her burgeoning career as a tennis player. Despite the challenges that come with her family’s fame, Merri remains steadfast in her pursuit of athletic excellence, navigating the complexities of public life with grace and resilience.

Who is Merri Kelly Hannity?

Merri Kelly Hannity may be known as Sean Hannity’s daughter, but she’s making a name for herself beyond his fame. While her father captivates TV audiences, Merri has found her passion in equestrian sports, dedicating countless hours to perfecting her riding skills. Beyond her athletic pursuits, Merri actively engages in charitable work, using her platform to positively impact her community. She’s involved in fundraising and championing various causes. Additionally, Merri co-authors children’s books with her mother, Jill, sharing lessons of love, hope, and compassion. Through her diverse interests, Merri Kelly Hannity is creating a legacy of compassion and determination.

Merri Kelly Hannity Biography

Merri Kelly Hannity, born in 2002, is a promising tennis talent. Her dedication to the sport began early, earning her admiration for her focus and resilience. In high school, she excelled, notably winning the Nassau County singles title in 2016 with a memorable victory over Courtney Kowalsky. Despite media scrutiny, especially following her parents’ discreet divorce, the Hannity family maintains a strong emphasis on privacy.

Merri Kelly Hannity Wiki

Full NameMerri Kelly Hannity
Famous AsDaughter of Hannity and his former wife, Jill Rhodes
Age22years old
BirthplaceUnited States
Birth SignLibra
Ethnicity/ RaceMixed
Heightapprox 5 ft 3 in
Weightapprox 45 Kg
Body Measurementsapprox 34-26-35 inches
Bra Cup Size33 C
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBlonde
Shoe Size6 (US)
FatherSean Hannity
MotherJill Rhodes
Net Worth$36 million
InstagramMerri Kelly Hannity

Merri Kelly Hannity & Early Life

She was born in 2002, making her 22 years old. A mixed-race individual with American nationality, she hails from the United States of America. Born under the zodiac sign of Libra, Merri follows the Muslim faith. Professionally, she excels as a tennis player. Her family includes her mother, father, and siblings, and like them, she shares a deep love for animals. Notably, her father, Sean Hannity, has been vocal about advocating for “Islamic training camps” within America, and he has faced criticism for his stance on issues related to Islam, such as his criticism of Keith Ellison’s swearing-in on a Quran in 2006. Despite her family’s public positions, Merri maintains her religious identity as a Muslim.

Merri Kelly Hannity & Education

MeAfter completing high school, Kelly expressed a desire to further her education by pursuing a college degree. Driven by her insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge, she embarked on a journey to explore various academic fields and delve deeper into subjects that piqued her interest. While the specific discipline she chose to study remains undisclosed, her unwavering commitment to intellectual growth underscores her resolve to chart her own path and carve out a meaningful academic journey.rri Kelly Hannity Education

Merri Kelly Hannity Age

As of 2024, Kelly is 22 years old, having been born on January 28, 2002, and raised in New York City, United States. Her educational journey took place in New York, where she established a solid foundation during her formative years, shaping her into the individual she is today. Despite being born into the public eye, Kelly has consciously maintained a low-key presence, enabling her to focus on her aspirations and personal development without the distractions of fame. This deliberate choice has empowered her to prioritize her goals and make meaningful strides in her journey towards self-improvement.

Merri Kelly Hannity Height & Weight

Standing at 5 feet 3 inches tall, or approximately 158 cm, Kelly possesses a stature that complements her personality. With a bodyweight of around 45 kg, or 99 lbs, she maintains a healthy and slim physique, characteristic of her active lifestyle as an athlete. Despite her athletic pursuits, Kelly exudes beauty and energy, a testament to her dedication to physical fitness and overall well-being. Her commitment to maintaining her physical figure reflects her disciplined approach to her athletic endeavors and underscores her vibrant personality.

Merri Kelly Hannity’s Parents &Siblings

Kelly, born to Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes, shares her upbringing with her brother, Patrick Hannity, who showcased his tennis prowess as a senior at Wake Forest University from 2016 to 2021. Following her brother’s path, Kelly is currently pursuing her tennis career at the University of Michigan. However, in June 2020, rumors surfaced about her parents secretly divorcing, surprising many due to their longstanding marriage of over a decade.

Merri Kelly’s Father, Sean Hannity

Sean Patrick Hannity, born on December 30, 1961, in New York, is a prominent conservative political commentator. He attended Adelphi University, New York University, and UC Santa Barbara but did not graduate due to financial difficulties. Hannity began his Fox News career in 1996 as co-host of “Hannity & Colmes” and later hosted “The Sean Hannity Show.” Known for his support of President Trump and promotion of various conspiracy theories, Hannity has authored three New York Times bestsellers: “Conservative Victory,” “Deliver Us From Evil,” and “Let Freedom Ring.” He also executive produced the Christian drama film “Let There Be Light” (2017).

Merri Kelly’s Mother, Jill Rhodes

Jill Rhodes, born on August 27, 1962, in Alabama, USA, pursued journalism as her major and theology as her minor at the University of Alabama, earning her BA in journalism in 1984. Immediately after graduation, she secured a position as a journalist and political columnist at the “Huntsville Times.” It was there that she crossed paths with her future husband, Sean Hannity, who was also employed at the WVNN radio station. Their relationship blossomed, and they tied the knot in 1993 after dating for a year. Noteworthy for her tenure at Fox News, Rhodes has made significant contributions to the media landscape.

Jill Rhodes & Sean Hannity Met In Alabama

According to a source close to the couple, Sean and Ainsley have been in a relationship for years, though Sean’s fame and controversial reputation have kept it under wraps. They first crossed paths in 1991 and decided to tie the knot two years later. Similarly, Sean has a history of marriage and divorce, with him and Ainsley both finalizing their divorces from previous partners in 2019. Speculation among reporters suggests that they’re keeping their relationship low-key for various reasons. A significant factor could be Ainsley’s statement about focusing on raising her daughter, as balancing work, personal life, and a new relationship would be challenging.

Controversies & parents’ Divorce Rumors

Growing up as the child of celebrity parents, Merri Kelly has sometimes found herself at the center of rumors and controversies surrounding her parents’ private life. Her father, Sean Hannity, faced allegations of multiple affairs and infidelity, causing distress within the family. Moreover, accusations of sexual harassment added further strain, prompting the family to retreat from the public eye to evade the constant scrutiny of paparazzi and reporters. In 2016, there were whispers of divorce stemming from Sean’s extramarital relationships, but ultimately, no such action was taken. Since then, Sean and Jill have become increasingly guarded about their personal lives, preferring to keep them shrouded in secrecy.

Merri Kelly’s Personal Life

Merri has managed to keep her personal life private, with no reports or updates regarding any romantic relationships. It’s likely that she’s prioritizing her studies and tennis career, leaving little time for dating. Her focus seems to be on excelling in her academic pursuits and advancing her skills on the tennis court, rather than pursuing romantic entanglements.

Merri Kelly Hannity’s Boyfriend

As of 2024, Merri Kelly’s relationship status remains undisclosed. Her ability to maintain privacy regarding her personal life reflects her strong value for discretion. While she may choose to reveal more about her relationships in the future, at present, her primary focus appears to be on her academic pursuits and personal development.

Merri Kelly Hannity Professional Career

From a young age, Merri Kelly displayed a deep passion for tennis, dedicating herself to rigorous training under the guidance of various coaches. Her unwavering determination and hard work earned praise from all her mentors, who admired her tenacious attitude and mental resilience. With her diligence and boundless energy, she consistently delivers dynamic performances on the tennis court. Over the years, Merri has emerged as a rising star in American tennis. In 2016, while still in 9th grade, she represented Cold Spring Harbor at the Nassau Country Single title match. In a thrilling final, Merri faced off against her close friend Courtney Kowalsky of Oyster Bay, ultimately triumphing with a hard-fought victory of 6-3, 1-6, 6-4 sets to claim the prestigious title.

Merri Kelly Hannity’s Rise to Fame

Merri Kelly boasts a unique background as the daughter of Sean Hannity, a prominent conservative news anchor in the US. Beyond her notable parentage, she has made her mark as a former Miss Teen USA contestant and a skilled professional tennis player. Her multifaceted journey not only sets her apart but also offers a captivating perspective on the world and its intersections with her own experiences.

Merri Kelly Hannity’s Appearance, clothing style

Merri Kelly possesses long, dark brown hair and captivating hazel eyes, though details regarding her height, weight, and vital statistics remain undisclosed. In most of her photographs, she can be seen sporting a casual and sporty attire, reflecting her identity as a professional tennis player. Comfort is paramount for Merri, and sports gear is her preferred choice of clothing. While she previously wore teeth braces, she no longer requires them.

Merri Kelly Hannity Hobbies, Favorite

Merri Kelly has an affection for all types of pets, but she shares her home with her beloved dog, Gracie. She values her leisure time spent with family and shares a close bond with her sibling, Sean Patrick, who shares her passion for sports. Their shared interests provide ample topics for discussion and bonding. In terms of culinary preferences, Merri enjoys indulging in French fries and vegetable salads, although she predominantly adheres to a sporty diet, allowing herself occasional cheat meals.

Merri Kelly Hannity Net Worth & salary

Merri Kelly’s net worth remains undisclosed since she is still young and her finances are managed by her parents. However, reputable sources like Forbes estimate her father’s net worth to be around $250 million, with an annual salary nearing $40 million as of mid-2024. Her mother’s net worth is reportedly around $5 million. Given her parents’ continued careers as journalists and political commentators, it’s reasonable to expect that the Hannity family’s net worth will continue to increase over time.

Social Media presence

Merri Kelly has opted to abstain from social media platforms, and her family has become increasingly guarded about their private affairs. Consequently, she remains absent from popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook. In contrast, her father maintains active profiles on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, primarily sharing professional content. Although he previously posted family photos, his accounts have since transitioned to a more professional focus. Nonetheless, he boasts a substantial following across all platforms, with his Facebook page amassing over 3.06 million likes and followers. Merri’s mother, Jill Rhodes, does not have a social media presence. Recently, there was a curious incident involving another individual named Jill Rhodes, who was mistakenly associated with Sean Hannity due to sharing the same name. This case prompted the other Jill Rhodes to publicly clarify the misunderstanding, urging against the unauthorized use of her photo in fake news reports.

Facts On Merri Kelly Hannity That Might Surprise You!

  • – Merri’s parents, Sean and Jill, were married on January 9, 1993, and divorced in June 2020 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • – Following the divorce, Sean Hannity began dating Ainsley Earhardt, a co-host on Fox & Friends.
  • – Merri has an elder brother named Sean Patrick Hannity, born in 1999.
  • – Presently, Merri is single and prioritizes her career over romantic relationships.
  • – She has dedicated herself to becoming a rising star in American tennis through hard work and determination.
  • – Merri does not engage in any social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

FAQs About Merri Kelly Hannity

Who is Merri Kelly Hannity?  

Merri Kelly Hannity is the daughter of renowned political commentator Sean Hannity and journalist Jill Rhodes. She is also a professional tennis player.

How old is Merri Kelly Hannity?

What is As of 2024, Merri Kelly Hannity is 22 years old. She was born in 2002. 

Merri Kelly Hannity’s profession?

Merri Kelly Hannity is a professional tennis player.

What is Merri Kelly Hannity’s nationality and ethnicity?  

Merri Kelly Hannity holds American nationality and is of mixed race.

What religion does Merri Kelly Hannity follow? 

Merri Kelly Hannity follows the Muslim faith.

Does Merri Kelly Hannity have any siblings?

Yes, she has an elder brother named Sean Patrick Hannity, who was born in 1999.

Are Merri Kelly Hannity’s parents still married?

No, her parents, Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes, divorced in June 2020.

Is Merri Kelly Hannity active on social media?

 No, Merri Kelly Hannity does not have any social media accounts.

What is Merri Kelly Hannity’s net worth?

Merri Kelly Hannity’s net worth is not publicly disclosed. However, her father’s net worth is estimated to be around $250 million, and her mother’s net worth is reportedly around $5 million.

What are Merri Kelly Hannity’s hobbies?

Merri Kelly Hannity enjoys spending time with her family and her dog, Gracie. She also has a close relationship with her brother, Sean Patrick.


Merri Kelly Hannity, despite being born into the public eye as the daughter of prominent figures Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes, has carved out her own path as a professional tennis player. At 22 years old, she continues to focus on her athletic career and education, maintaining a level of privacy that is rare for someone with her background. Her dedication and hard work on the tennis court have earned her recognition, and she manages to navigate the complexities of public life with grace and resilience. Merri’s story is a testament to her determination and the support she receives from her family, enabling her to thrive both personally and professionally.
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